Select a Floorplan

Outrigger Floorplan
This name characteries the sleek flow of the exterior design. This dramatic Hawaiian pole house is at home with the great outdoors of sky sun and surf.

Mauna Kea Floorplan
The comfort and convenience of the Hawaiian pavilion style home is unsurpassed. Here is a plan combining all the attributes of up-to-date planning for modern living, yet presenting the traditional character of the Hawaiian roofline in its outward appearance.

Maile Floorplan
The interplay of varied rooflines, vertical siding, glass panels and sliding doors create visual interest on the exsterior of this handsome, Hawaiian contemporary three bedroom, two bath pole home.

Hale Loa Floorplan
This plan is at home with Hawaiian lifestyle, and designed to blend with the landscape and take full advantage of a beautiful view.